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Badges of The New Zealand Army Nursing Service

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The photo to the left is the first badge of the NZANS. Designed in 1915 and worn until 1953.

During WW1 the badge was to be worn on the right hand side in the front corner of the red cape. It could also be worn on the out door coat. It can be seen in many photographs being worn at the neck of the cape, on working aprons and on the opposite side of the red cape.

The New Zealand Registered Nurse Number NZANSBackwas engraved on the original badges issued in 1915. The number shown here belonged to Clara Hawkins who registered in 1914 and was the 1464th nurse to register, hence her number being 1464.

The badge on the right came into force in 1953 when the NZANS became the RNZNC.

Note the shape of the crowns at the top of the badges. The left badge is known as the King's crown and the badge on the right, the Queen's crown.

Other badges worn by the NZANS and the RNZNC are shown in the book published 2015 now forsale on this website, will be uploaded onto the website at a later date..

This web site is dedicated to those nurses who have served and continue to serve our country

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