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Abbreviations & Keys
Reg,No: (WW2 Reg.No)
Rank: is rank on enlistment
   Cpl = Corporal
   L = Lance
   Sgt = Seargent
    A= Assistant
    N= Nurse
    NRN = No Regiment Number found
    T = Temporary
    VAD = Voluntary Aid Detachment
Service Type:
   RF = Regular Force
   TF = Territorial Service

Bibliography & other References
  O'Carroll Peggy Ngahaumarangei 37511 Private 28/05/1956 RF Clerk Simeon  
  O'Connell Christine R760119 Private 29/04/1975 TF Med.Assist
  O'Keeffe Patricia Mary L42974 Private 15/06/1967 RF A/Nurse Moody  
  O'Neill Aldyth Elley  35124 Private 1/09/1951 RF N/Orderly Hudson  
  Palmer Denise Carol E45958 Private 26/01/1973 RF A/Nurse
  Palmer Judith Anne 39727 Private 18/09/1961 RF N/Orderly
  Papanui Charmaine Whakaara Francis D47475 Private 17/07/1975 RF A/Nurse
  Parata Janice Atanui 37258 Private 19/01/1955 RF N/Orderly
  Parks Judith Mary 45827 Private 17/10/1962 RF Clerk
  Parry June 37074 Private 25/05/1954 RF N/Orderly
  Parsons Marie June 205318 Private 4/05/1950 TF VAD
  Patena-Mariu Manuera  N43988 Private 14/11/1968 RF Med. Clerk Downs  
  Patterson Diana Helen X760240 Private 25/09/1975 TF Med. Assist
  Petersen Linda Marion Q48790 Private 18/01/1977 RF Reg.Community Nurse Haddon  
  Pickering Lauren Nola Q46589 Private 24/11/1973 RF A/Nurse
  Piggott Helen Teresa X43146 Private 18/09/1967 RF Clerk-A/Nurse
  Pike Betty Mary 34854 Private 9/01/1951 RF N/Orderly Mehalski  
  Pluck Adrienne Margaret X48321 Private 18/10/1976 RF A/Nurse
  Price Jennifer Anne A45494 Private 3/06/1971 RF A/Nurse
  Pryor Patricia Marjorie 36563 Private 30/06/1952 RF N/Orderly
  Pryor Yvonne Matetiaria G47386 Private 8/02/1975 RF A/Nurse
  Rangiawha Sarah 35113 Private 12/09/1951 RF VAD
  Rawley Blair Christine 41567 Private 4/01/1965 RF N/Orderly
  Redditt Vyvienne Joyce 42199 Private 2/08/1966 RF N/Orderly McKenna  
  Redfern Victori(y) Miriam Hardisty 36603 Private 4/08/1952 RF N/Orderly
  Reed Glenis Anne T45212 Private 4/11/1970 RF N/Orderly
  Rees Zita Lititia 37062 Private 26/02/1954 RF N/Orderly Kingi  
  Relf Heather Alison Y43515 Private 10/06/1968 RF N/Orderly
  Rendall Barbara B46438 Private 8/08/1973 RF A/Nurse
  Reuben Te Ruahuihui Te Moana-A-Kiwi 39216 Private 8/06/1960 RF N/Orderly  Smith  
  Rhodes Phillipa Mary 39254 Private 15/08/1960 RF N/Orderly Blakewell  
  Richardson Debra Ivy A46529 Private 29/10/1973 RF A/Nurse Mclean  
  Richmond Mary Anne C46623 Private 9/01/1974 RF A/Nurse
  Riley Merle France 39914 Private 24/08/1962 RF N/Orderly
  Robertson Dianne Mary 41483 Private 3/11/1965 RF N/Orderly
  Robinson Merleen Margaret 40324 Private 29/04/1963 RF N/Orderly
  Rogers Kathleen Diane G43844 Private 28/04/1969 RF A/Nurse Davies  
  Sadler (Mrs) Marjorie Selwyn 37335 Private 3/08/1955 RF Clerk
  Samson Emily 34604 Private 14/06/1950 RF N/Orderly
  Sandilands Mary Alma 205291 Private 18/01/1950 TF VAD
  Scott Judith Ann U45788 Private 9/11/1971 RF N/Orderly
  Scott Lydia Eleanor 816839 Private  21/07/1947 RF VAD
  Scott Margaret Lorraine 38551 Private 11/03/1959 RF N/Orderly Maguire & Wynne  
  Sharp Veronica May U745379 Private 11/11/1975 TF A/Nurse
  Shaw Catherine Ann D46992 Private 21/05/1974 RF A/Nurse
  Shea Anita Mary Q45485 Private 12/01/1971 RF N/Orderly Field  
  Sheridan Beverley Ann 38679 Private 11/05/1959 RF N/Orderly
  Simmonds Noleen Anne K44399 Private 19/05/1969 RF A/Nurse/Clerk
  Smith Gaylene Mary 39907 Private 23/02/1962 RF N/Orderly
  Smith Joan Pamela 32480 (812276) Cpl 1/04/1948 RF Medical Clerk Rowlands  
  Smith Margaret Ruth J755627 Private 19/02/1976 TF Lab Tech
  Spurdle Enid 818437 Private 11/08/1947 RF VAD
  Stanaway Noelene Sigrid 39855 Private 9/04/1962 RF N/Orderly
  Stenberg Mary Jane D48004 Private 6/04/1976 RF A/Nurse
  Stevens Carolyn Margaret H764366 Private 16/06/1977 TF A/Nurse
  Stevens Oriwa Materoa Kahupine 36970 Private 8/09/1954 RF N/Orderly
  Stirling Brenda Anne N47944 Private 30/03/1976 RF A/Nurse
  Stokes Denise Raywin E745549 Private 23/03/1976 TF A/Nurse
  Stratton Laurel Margaret 39184 Private 14/04/1960 RF N/Orderly Tallott  
  Sweeny Raewyn Ann W45215 Private 2/02/1971 RF A/Nurse/Clerk Smith  
  Symns Barbara Jessie 39242 Private 11/04/1960 RF N/Orderly
Back to top   Symonds Barbara June Q48790 Private 18/01/1977 RF Reg.Community Nurse Ashford  
    Tarawa Meryl Reiber Hinemoa Q750757 Private 23/12/1974 TF A/Nurse
    Te Patu Mereana Sharon 45748 Private 14/03/1972 RF Clerk
    Te Wiata Lana Edna E45544 Private 9/06/1972 RF Clerk
    Thomson Elinar Madelina 39552 Private 26/02/1961 RF Clerk Wilkins  
    Tipoki Heni G47593 Private 27/05/1975 RF Med.Clerk
    Tito Kura Kay 38552 Private 11/03/1959 RF N/Orderly
    Tobin Jane 37591 Private 24/10/1956 RF N/Orderly
    Tobin Margaret Rose 37520 Private 18/07/1956 RF Clerk/N/Orderly
    Tohu Ngawaina 39297 Private 6/02/1961 RF N/Orderly  Dunbar  
    Tomars Georgina 40666 Private 26/08/1963 RF Nurse Aid
    Tregurtha Edna Frances 33044 (827638) Private  17/11/1948 RF N/Orderly
    Tuau Rerehuia 38891 Private 17/05/1959 RF N/Orderly
    Turner Hilda 34351 Private 6/02/1950 RF N/Orderly
    Tyson Linda Sarah Ann R45624 Private 7/03/1972 RF Med. Clerk
    Upton (Mrs) NRN 20/01/1950 TF VAD
    Varnham Marie Louise 32946 Private 28/09/1948 RF VAD Devon  
    Wahrlich Helen 36715 T/Cpl 28/10/1952 RF Cook
    Walker Arlene Dahl P45668 Private 22/05/1972 RF A/Nurse
    Ward Lynette Rose Q43162 Private 24/07/1967 RF Clerk
    Watts Karen Margaret F760546 Private 2/08/1976 TF A/Nurse
    Weir Victoria 37429 Private 9/01/1956 RF Hosp.Cook
    Wescott Avrill Joyce M46287 Private 29/05/1973 RF A/Nurse  Haultain  
    White Derryn Christine E44417 Private 10/07/1969 RF A/Nurse  Morgan  
    Whiu Davina Esma V42385 Private 14/11/1966 RF N/Orderly Foreman  
    Whiu Hokipere 41332 Private 4/01/1965 RF N/Orderly
    Wigley Thelma Audrey E37724 Private 20/05/1957 RF N/Orderly
    Willis Norma Frances 41163 Private 26/06/1964 RF A/Nurse Collard  
    Willoughby Colleen Mary 38892 Private 30/06/1959 RF N/Orderly
    Wilson Patricia Anne 40023 Private 27/08/1962 RF N/Orderly Webb  
    Winchester Freda 33228 Private 23/01/1949 RF N/Orderly Eskrick  
    Woolf Virginia N745948 Private 26/10/1976 TF A/Nurse
    Wootton Joyce Ilene 36681 Private 3/09/1952 RF N/Orderly
    Wright Angela Anna S760120 Private 2/05/1975 TF A/Nurse
    Youngman Heather Dorothy 40673 Private 9/09/1963 RF N/Orderly
Back to top   Zimmerman Josephine May 36564 Private 18/07/1952 RF N/Orderly
    Bibliography & other References  
Sherayl McNabb; 100 YEARS - New Zealand Military Nursing: New Zealand Army Nursing Service - Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps: 1915-2015. Published 2015.

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