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Abbreviations & Keys
Reg,No: (WW2 Reg.No)
Rank: is rank on enlistment
   Cpl = Corporal
   L = Lance
   Sgt = Seargent
    A= Assistant
    N= Nurse
    NRN = No Regiment Number found
    T = Temporary
    VAD = Voluntary Aid Detachment
Service Type:
   RF = Regular Force
   TF = Territorial Service

Bibliography & other References
  Gage Polly Huia 35042 Private 18/07/1951 RF N/Orderly
  Gillies Elizabeth Ruth Y47609 Private 08/07/1975 RF A/Nurse
  Gillies Robyn Justina 40437 Private 14/03/1963 RF N/Orderly
  Glass Mary Gwennyth 827645 Private  10/06/1947 RF VAD
  Gordon Robyn Frances Q44933 Private 16/08/1971 RF A/Nurse
  Gough Maybell 40533 Private 23/05/1963 RF N/Orderly
  Graham Barbara Mary B44713 Private 06/07/1940 RF A/Nurse Flutey
  Gray Kathleen Witarina 41133 Private 08/05/1964 RF N/Orderly  Horua
  Gray Caroline Mavis 37513 Private 31/07/1956 RF N/Orderly
  Greig Jennifer Marguerita Q45255 Private 14/04/1971 RF Clerk Hunt
  Griffiths Penelope Harriet H45800 Private 09/03/1972 RF A/Nurse
  Groom Thelma Margaret Christina 35584 Private 10/06/1952 RF Clerk Janes
  Hakaraia Marara  T43050 Private 04/04/1967 RF N/Orderly O'Neill
  Hakopa Aurora 36599 Private 01/08/1952 RF N/Orderly
  Hammond Beverley June 36893 Private 30/03/1953 RF N/Orderly
  Hammond Nora Winifred 33808 Private 09/04/1952 RF Cook
  Hanley Noeline Edna C44415 Private 09/07/1969 RF A/Nurse
  Harris Joan Valerie 36753 Private 28/10/1952 RF N/Orderly
  Hart Margaret Ann 39243 Private 10/05/1960 RF Clerk
  Harvey Edith Joan 207294 Private 02/05/1950 TF Unknown
  Hawkins Heather Euphemia 37351 Private 10/10/1950 RF N/Orderly
  Hayes Joyce Pearl 39837 Private 02/01/1962 RF N/Orderly Hodson
  Hayward Verna Mary 41286 Private 08/09/1964 RF N/Orderly
  Hills Tui Frances 41141 Private 16/07/1964 TF N/Orderly
  Hills Joy 207295 Private 09/05/1950 TF N/Orderly
  Hobbs Cynthia Therese 37593 L/Cpl 31/10/1956 RF Clerk
  Hokianga May Pamela 34476 Private 11/04/1950 RF N/Orderly
  Holborow Margery Evelyn U47605 Private 14/07/1975 RF A/Nurse
  Hopkinson Angela Frances M48127 Private 20/04/1976 RF Med.Clerk Middlemass
  Hook Felicity June E760016 Private 27/01/1975 TF Med.Assist
  Hooper Margaret  S44590 Private 26/03/1970 RF A/Nurse Goodall
  Horo Denise Ora B40573 Private 30/06/1966 RF N/Orderly
  Houston Emmaline Heather 39940 Private 15/01/1963 RF N/Orderly
  Huata Miriam Gwen 37900 Private 13/09/1957 RF N/Orderly
  Hulme Jeanette Louise  39912 Private 09/04/1962 RF N/Orderly Rout
  Hulton Rawina June K43433 Private 08/01/1968 RF N/Orderly
  Hunter Miriam Katherine G764365 Private 16/06/1977 TF A/Nurse
  Hurliman Carol Linda C43886 Private 21/10/1968 RF A/Nurse
  Hyland Adele Elva S43555 Private 01/07/1968 RF Med. Clerk
  Ilton Pamela Ellen A45540 Private 22/05/1972 RF A/Nurse Pugh
  Jackson Alma Jean 42126 Private 12/04/1966 RF N/Orderly
  Jaggard Elizabeth Lynne 35004 Private 21/05/1951 RF N/Orderly
  James Patricia Ellis 34841 Private 13/12/1950 RF N/Orderly
  Jenkins Beulah 207293 Private 09/05/1950 TF N/Orderly
  Johnston Delphia 41044 Private 18/05/1965 RF N/Orderly
  Jones Molly Robin 40886 Private 29/07/1963 RF N/Orderly
  Kapene Nina Rahira 36930 Private 21/07/1953 RF N/Orderly
  Kaye Adrienne Elizabeth 37021 Private 14/01/1954 RF N/Orderly
  Keys Elizabeth Charmaine R46199 Private 21/03/1973 RF Med Clerk
  Kirkwood Jeannie Muir 33700 Private 28/02/1952 RF Clerk
  Knott Colleen Leslie M46333 Private 26/09/1973 RF A/Nurse
  Knowles Margaret Anne Esther  40172 Private 09/07/1962 RF Clerk Johnston
  Koia Heather Norma Y42319 Private 02/08/1966 RF N/Orderly
  Kokiri Mary Georgette 38553 Private 11/05/1959 RF N/Orderly Black
  Kontze Melanie Ruth L745946 Private 14/12/1976 TF N/Orderly
  Lambert Lois Phoebe 39014 Private 5/10/1959 RF Clerk
  Latimer Rayna Ann A44183 Private 13/08/1969 RF A/Nurse
  Lilley Lynette Roma C44576 Private 03/02/1970 RF A/Nurse
  Lilley Marie Helen B44575 Private 03/02/1970 RF N/Orderly
  Lister Patricia Ruth 40774 Private 26/02/1964 RF N/Orderly Daniel
  Long Sharon Lois E47867 Private 09/01/1976 RF Clerk Gonzales
  MacGregor Hera Sarah 35428 Private 11/02/1952 RF N/Orderly
Back to top   MacGregor Tiranui Tilly 38355 Private 03/11/1958 RF N/Orderly
    MacPherson Oinah Mary 33073 (816603) T.Cpl 06/12/1948 RF Clerk
    Mankelow Lynette Heather 40806 Private 20/04/1964 RF N/Orderly Kaaka
    Marsh Barbara Jean 36988 Private 23/09/1953 RF N/Orderly
    Marshall Margaret Rose 41173 Private 27/07/1964 RF N/Orderly
    Martick Delhys Patricia A43861 Private 02/09/1968 RF A/Nurse
    Matete Robyn Gay (Mrs) V45881 Private 06/11/1972 RF A/Nurse
    Mattson Joan Catherine 36938 Private 08/06/1953 RF N/Orderly
    McBride Erin Monica F28525 Private 27/02/1973 RF N/Orderly
    McBrydie Elizabeth Irene G46328 Private 25/07/1973 RF A/Nurse
    McCulloch Mary Angela R760487 Private 22/06/1976 TF N/Orderly
    McDougall J. NRN Private 24/05/1950 TF Unknown
    McFie Lynette Alison Gray 40105 Private 24/05/1963 RF N/Orderly
    MacGregor Nancy Waimatai L41640 Private 14/05/1965 RF N/Orderly
    McIlroy Donella Mary 36985 Private 19/08/1953 RF N/Orderly
    McIntyre Heather Gay P44817 Private 01/10/1970 RF N/Orderly
    McJannet Alice Wilhelmina 207307 (802557) Private 22/05/1950 TF VAD
    McKee Margaret Dorothy 34027 Private 14/10/1949 RF VAD
    McLean Jeannette Rose 35017 Private 06/06/1951 RF N/Orderly
    McLean Margaret  41031 Private 05/03/1964 RF N/Orderly Shaw
    McMaster Nola  R43186 Private 13/07/1967 RF N/Orderly  Murray
    McMillan Noeline Christine G44818 Private 01/10/1970 RF A/Nurse Edmondson
    McMullan Ann Susan Julian 39241 Private 09/05/1960 RF N/Orderly Sinclair
    McTaggart Karen Marise F43383 Private 15/01/1968 RF N/Orderly
Back to top   Mersky Julie Suzanne M43021 Private 18/04/1967 RF A/Nurse Strachan
    Metua Rangimaria Matenga (aka Anna) K41202 Private 02/09/1964 RF N/Orderly
    Miller Joyce Marian 207296 Private 02/05/1950 TF N/Orderly
    Millward Susan Jane Q760118 Private 29/04/1975 TF N/Orderly Valentine
    Molloy Therese Sophie Ivy Y44573 Private 04/02/1970 RF A/Nurse Grenfell
    Monk Jennifer Ann H41591 Private 20/04/1965 RF Med Clerk Hunt
    Monson Tracy Mary N745120 Private 01/07/1975 TF A/Nurse/Clerk
    Morgan Margaret Rangikorapa 37552 Private 17/09/1956 RF N/Orderly
    Morris Marjorie Rosa 207298 Private 18/02/1950 TF VAD
    Mortimer Eleanor Elsie 41435 Private 20/04/1965 RF N/Orderly  Plant
    Moreton Thelma 207297 Private 09/05/1950 TF VAD
    Mosen Judith Ann 41165 Private 15/07/1964 RF N/Orderly
    Mumu Keni  A42320 Private 02/08/1966 RF N/Orderly Alty
    Murray Repera Pearl 37488 Private 03/04/1956 RF N/Orderly
    Neal Rosemary Helen B42321 Private 05/07/1966 RF N/Orderly  Mowat
    Neill Ann Shields 33822 Private 12/05/1952 RF Clerk  Brown
    Newport Honora Josephine 37006 Private 28/09/1953 RF N/Orderly Peterson
    Ngata Mate Huatahi  40148 Private 25/05/1962 RF N/Orderly Te Koha
    Ngatai Mary Florence 36951 Private 12/06/1953 RF N/Orderly
    Nicholas Amanda Dorothy Jane Q47739 Private 25/11/1975 RF A/Nurse
Back to top   Nicolson Kay 41032 Private 05/03/1964 RF N/Orderly
    Bibliography & other References  
Sherayl McNabb; 100 YEARS - New Zealand Military Nursing: New Zealand Army Nursing Service - Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps: 1915-2015. Published 2015.

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