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1939 - 1948

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1939 to 1948 saw 680 nurses and masseuses/physotherapists served in the NZANS in New Zealand and overseas. As well as over 500 members of the New Zealand Women's Army Auxilary Corps (NZWAAC) who worked with the NZANS nurses. The NZWAAC women were not members of the NZANS until 1947 when it was intergrated into the NZANS.

All the women who were members of the NZANS and NZWAAC were attested (sworn to serve for the duration of the war) and issued with Regimental Numbers. There were some Matrons of the Military Hospitals in New Zealand who were not attested and not issued with a Regimental Number but were made members of the NZANS.

As in WW1 when the nurses joined the NZANS they were issued with their NZANS Badge. The Rolls for World War Two (WW2), list those who were attested in the NZANS & NZWAAC (Med.Dev) during WW2 and those who served in Japan.

Please note that the rank of the women in the NZANS & NZWAAC listed, is the rank held at time of attestation. Also the Date of attestation is the first date only, as the nurses were attested for each re-deployment. The Rolls of the NZANS and NZWAAC are in two parts, service detail and personal detail.

If you have any information relating to any of these women or there is a name you consider should be included please contact me and I will add or update their information accordingly.

Currently there is only a small list of women who served in the NZWAAC whoe served only in military hospitals and convalescent camps in New Zealand. It is important that they be recorded therefore I would be pleased to hear from any relatives with information relating to these women.

Please contact me so I may add their information to this history.


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