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In 1846 Captain Grey (later Sir George Grey – Governor of NZ) secured grants for the sole purpose of establishing hospitals in Auckland, Wellington, Taranaki  and Wanganui. In Auckland there is evidence that both private and military hospitals were built in 1846.

Men of the 58th Regiment built a two story, stone building which could accommodate about 40 patients. It is believed to have been situated near the barracks in what is now Princes Street Auckland.

The four hospitals for which Grey had secured grants were built in 1847 and those near campaign sites were supplemented by the military, with tents and used as military hospitals.  These hospitals and the hospital built by the 58th Regiment could be considered as the beginning of military nursing in New Zealand.

During the NZ Land Wars of the 1800s, those who tended the sick were soldiers trained by their Regimental Surgeon, wives of the soldiers and camp followers.

This web site is dedicated to those nurses who have served and continue to serve our country

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