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Honours & Awards by Name 1951 - 2010


In 1979 the first Associate Royal Red Cross awarded to a male officer in the RNZNC was to Captain B Rennie. The last Royal Red Cross was awarded to Lieut.Colonel D Shaw in 1994 after which time the British Honours system was replaced with a New Zealand Honours system.


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World Wary One Awards by Name
World War One Awards by Award

World War Two Awards by Name
World War Two Awards by Award

Awards by Name 1951 - 2010
Awards by Award 1951 - 2010

MNZM - Member New Zealand Order of Merit
RRC - Royal Red Cross (1st Class)
ARRC - Associate Royal Red Cross(2nd Class)
CStJ - Commander of St. Johns
BEM - British Empire Medal
DSD - Distinguished Service Decoration
QCM - Queen's Coronation Medal
QSJ - Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal


(Maident Name) Maiden Name:-
award published under married name in
London Gazette.QARANC -
Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps





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  Surname Christian Name(s) Rank As Gazetted Award Date Gazetted/Awarded
  Aitcheson Phyllis May Charge Sister ARRC L.G. 7 June 1951, p3101
  Aitcheson Phyllis May Charge Sister QCM 1953
  Amon Kathleen Mary Winks Matron RRC  L.G. 8 June 1968, p6341
  Bell (Fitton-Kearns)   Rosemary Angela Major ARRC L.G. 11 June 1988, pB37
  Bland Kathleen  Captain ARRC (QARANC) L.G. 23 May 1958, p3238
  Carter Suzanne Lynn  Major DSD 2011 (New Year Honours)
  Dickson Joan Gwendoline Woodruff Matron (T)  ARRC L.G. 1 Jan. 1962, p41
  Ellen Vera Lieut.Colonel RRC L.G. 15 June 1985, pB33
Frazer Iris Matron ARRC  L.G. 01 Jan. 1965, p45
  Frazer Iris Matron QCM 1953
  Grant Jan Marjorie Lieut.Colonel RRC L.G.13 June 1992, pB33
  Grant Jessie Eveline Major ARRC L.G. 31 Dec. 1979, p29
  Johnston Phyllis Irene Charge Sister ARRC L.G. 2 Jan. 1950, p37
Jones Lois Lieut.Colonel ARRC L.G. 31 Dec. 1977, p45
  Kennedy Thursa Margaret Lieut.Colonel RRC  L.G. 31 Dec. 1988, p37
  Kennedy Thursa Margaret Major QSJ 1976
  Lepper Edna Judith Matron ARRC  L.G. 01 Jan. 1958, p45
  Macann ARRC Helen Judith Matron RRC L.G.  13 June 1981, pB47
  Macann Helen Judith Matron ARRC L.G. 15 June 1974, p6832
  MacKenzie Helen Matron ARRC L.G. 3 June 1972, p6295
  Matthews  Evelyn Wilson Sister QCM 1953
  McDonald ARRC Christina Matron RRC L.G. 1 June 1953, p3006
  McDonald ARRC Christina Matron QCM 1953
  Parata-Turvey Georgina Rangiauraki Angela   Capt MNZM  31 December 2005
  Rennie Bruce Derby Captain ARRC L.G. 16 June 1979, pB31
  Rich Rona Irene Charge Sister ARRC  L.G. 1 Jan. 1960, p43
  Schaab Mary-Anne Catherine Lieut.Colonel MNZM  01 June 2003
  Sherrard ARRC Sarah Eileen Georgina  Matron QCM 1953
  Shaw ARRC  Daphne Margaret Lieut.Colonel RRC L.G. 31 Dec. 1994, p37
  Shaw Daphne Margaret Major ARRC L.G. 31 Dec. 1983, p37
  Simpson Rachel Mary  Matron (T) ARRC L.G. 01 Jan. 1954, p45
  Smith Joan Pamela Cpl BEM 01-Jan-1950
  Souness Lucille Emily Matron ARRC L.G. 01 Jan. 1954, p45
  Swap Diane Sarah Lieut.Colonel MNZM  01-Jan-03
  Tamaki Ata Matron RRC L.G. 01 Jan. 1974, p38
Taylor Noeline Jean Major ARRC L.G. 31 Dec. 1982, p51
  Traill Marjorie Edith Matron ARRC L.G. 12 June 1971, p5999
  Wallace Ellen Verdon Major ARRC L.G. 14 June 1986, pB35
  Webb Elsie Margaret Matron ARRC  L.G. 1 Jan. 1960, p43
  Wigley Thelma Audrey Private BEM  L.G. 1 Jan 1972, p43
  Wilson Mary Webster  Matron RRC         L.G. 12 June 1965
  Wood Gerard Paul LTCOL CStJ 26 October 2003
    Republic of South Vietnam Awards to TF nurses serving with the New Zealand Surgical team.
    Cowper Lesley Estelle National Order of Merit Chuong MyMedal (posthumous)
    Parker Alyson Rae
Medical Medal 2cl. Presented by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare
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Sherayl McNabb: 100 Years - NEW ZEALAND MILITARY NURSING - New Zealand Army Nursing Service - Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps - 1915 - 2015. Published 2015.
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