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Boer War
(S McNabb Collection)
There was no military nursing organisations in New Zealand therefore New Zealand nurses who served in the Boer War were under the control of the English Army Nursing Organisations.


World War One NZANS
(S McNabb Collection)

This web site has been established to recognise the nurses of our military force, past and present.

The information offered on this site was gleaned from photographs, official records, letters, diaries and personal mementos.

I welcome any additional materials that may increase my knowledge of military nursing in New Zealand, and ask that you to contact me if you have anything at all to offer.

As research is ongoing this website will be
updated regularly.

My contact details appear on the Contact page. Please feel free to send me your comments and enquiries as well as any materials concerning
New Zealand military nurses.

rnznc badge

The badge above is worn on the uniform and hat by todays members of the Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps (RNZNC).

The nurses pictured here represent the beginning of military nursing
in New Zealand.

The left badge in the banner above was worn by members of the New Zealand Army Nursing Service (NZANS) in World War One (WW1) and World War two (WWII) up until 1952. The RNZNC badge on the right has been worn since 1953.


World War Two NZANS
(S McNabb Collection)

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This web site is dedicated to those nurses who have served and continue to serve our country

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